136 Hours

ISBN to be allotted

Status: Fourth Revision

Mock Up copy: Not Ready

Number of pages: 350

Print on Demand copy: Not available as yet

 Mike Washington is a computer programmer in Chicago who is running away from his possessive girlfriend Louise Paul. He escapes to Las Vegas with his new Internet friend Cynthia and goes to the roulette table for some action. He gets more action than he ever imagined because a gambler next to him gets shot in the chest and dies. But the fat Texan hands him a key before he dies.

The scene of action now shifts to Calcutta in India where a twenty-second century thief Rahul Chakaravarthy does a Jackie Chan act, sliding from the roofs of one eleven story building to the other, ably assisted by a robotic helicopter made by Sony corporation. He reaches a specific building and uses sophisticated gadgetry to burgle the safe, which contains among other things, a yellow envelop containing secrets too precious to live for and priceless enough to kill for! 

Mike Washington in USA and Rahul Chakaravarthy in India try to decipher the fatal secrets which leads them to a mountain full of gold in the mountain ranges near Koraput, between Orrisa, Chattisgarh and Andhra.

Mr. Ramakrishnan is the solver of problems, a retired psychologist and a chap who knows almost every thing about everything. He is ably assisted by his cute assistant Ritu Khanna. The two are invited by Mr. Amol Basak, owner of IPod International, the firm whose safe was burgled.

The next 136 hours are characterized by wild chases, sniper bullets, bomb explosions, pretty females, ugly guys, savage tribals, violence, and intelligent deductions! An unexpected climax and compulsive page turnability gives a high breath taking factor to the story which is indeed a game of intrigue

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