Absent minded lawyer

ISBN 978-81-907320-5-5

Pages 400

List Price Rs 250 INR

Expected publication date December 2010

Print on demand copy available now for Rs 500/-


T. G. Swaminathan, a young insurance lawyer, considers himself to be intuitive and imaginative, while those around him, call him absent minded.

A pretty young doctor; Geetha Gangadharan enters his life and turns his peaceful existence upside down. Abandoning the mundane and routine insurance law, he plunges into the shady world of murderers, rapists, kidnappers, and extortionists by switching to criminal law.

His beloved suddenly disappears; he gets a frantic phone call from Chennai, and is abruptly and unexpectedly pulled into a quicksand of murder, blackmail and terror, which drags him in so rapidly, that he is soon almost up to his chest. Will our absent minded lawyer, succeed in extricating himself, before he is pulled in completely?

An intelligent story by India’s master story teller, which will keep you on your chair’s edge


Review by Narayan Radhakrishnan

Title:                            The Absent Minded Lawyer
Author: Dr L.Prakash

Publishers:                    Banana Publications, 2010
ISBN                           : 978-81-906981-7-7
Price                            : Rs. 189/-
Rating                           ***** (5 bolts)
            Dr. L. Prakash has been hailed as India’s most prolific popular fiction author. He is India’s answer to James Patterson, having explored almost all sub-genres of the thriller & mystery genre with his novels. With more than 65 novels and umpteen number of short stories to his credit, this doctor- author has explored each and every facet of the mystery genre including spy novels (He Was Once a Spy) crime caper adventures (Maybach Maiden) graphic sci-fi novels (Beyond Salvage) and what not.
            Absent Minded Lawyer, as the tile suggests is a legal thriller. And its not often we use the term humorous to refer a lawyer novel….but that’s exactly what Absent Minded Lawyer is. It’s both humorous and nail biting. The novel will occasionally make you break with laughter and also tingle your spine with the suspense.  The novel starts with the sedate insurance lawyer Swaminathan getting his hands on a John Grisham novel (The Streetlawyer). Lest say, he is so enamored by the said novel (and certain other vitiating factors) that he decides to drop his mundane practice of insurance law and decides to dive into criminal law. Swaminathan soon began to visualize himself as the generation next crusading defense lawyer. But soon he finds that the decision he took might have been a trifle bit hasty. How the young lawyer goes about with his tryst with his legal destiny forms the background of the novel. With the recipe of a plot which includes terror, murder and blackmail and of course hot femme fatales, I think we can see a movie version of this book coming to the theatres in the near future. Is Bollywood or Kollywood taking note??
            Legal thrillers are the in-thing in popular mystery reading nowadays. The success of John Grisham and Scott Turow, the success of movies like Michael Clayton and The Firm have fascinated many an Indian reader. But only a few have tried their hands at creating a desi legal thriller in English. Save for an Armin Wandrewallah in Mumbai and an Adithya Sudarshan in Delhi- not many have tired their luck in this genre. Dr. L. Prakash joins this esteemed company…and I just can’t wait to read Scales of Justice, Murder for Gain and Witness.

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