Aliens, Androids, Automations, Atomizers, Asteroids, And.......

Please do not buy this book, if you are not imaginative and are incapable of suspending disbelief, because in this fascinating science fiction collection, you will find         

An intelligent bank robber escaping the Galactic Security with the help of his mind reading pet lizard.

A world where woman rule, and stud men are kept as wild pets in basement cellars.          

A civilization where rebels are punished by imprisoning them in twelve feet diameter Perspex  domes.

A machine that sees into the past.     

An intergalactic zoo, with almost every animal imaginable including a human boy.

Cute cuddy cats, who are actually scavenger cyborg robots.

A future where television networks pit man against man, in a gladiatorial fight to satisfy the blood thirsty craze of the viewers.

Earth after a nuclear Holocust.

Intergalactic trade, in which Earth man and woman pit their wits against other intelligent species from far off galaxies

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