Appropriate punishment

Dr L.Prakash

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There is no strict definition for crime because the same act viewed as a crime in one era, might be hailed as a great innovation in another. The same act in different situations changes the definition of crime as well; for if murder is foul, killing the enemy in the battlefield is valor! When crime itself defied definition, how can you expect punishment to be any more logical or rational?

Huxa is a young man from far future, whose crime is grave enough by the standards of his society, which merits a strict punishment indeed. Stripped of comforts, technology, weapons, survival tools, money and even clothes, Huxa is dumped into the South Indian city of Chennai, in the year 2009. His memories are however left intact, so that he could wallow in miseries and soak in pain in his new surroundings, in an alien time, totally strange and hostile to him!

However, Huxa was made of sterner stuff; for was he not an Alpha prime male? Appropriate Punishment is a clever story told in his inimitable style by India’s master Storyteller Dr. L.Prakash.


Title:                             Appropriate Punishment
Author:             L. Prakash
Publishers:                    Banana Publications, 2010
ISBN                           : 978--81-907320-9-3
Price                            : Rs. 200/-
Rating:                          : **** (4 bolts)
            Popular fiction writing or mystery and thriller writing is a class in its own. The only aim of a popular fiction author is to create suspense and enjoyment such that a reader is engrossed in the book. Popular fiction has its sub genres and many an author have made themselves a name in each subgenre. For example we have lawyer John Grisham who focuses on legal thrillers; doctor Robin Cook whose medical thrillers are a rage in United States; a former Intelligence Operative by name John Le Carre who has made  a name for himself as a spy novelist etc. Stephen King (Horror), Clive Cussler (adventure) are some other names which comes to my mind. But Dr. L. Prakash is a popular fiction author who is difficult to be branded in one singe genre. Though he is heralded as India’s most prolific popular fiction novel- his literary creativity has transcended genres. He has delivered legal thrillers (WITNESS), spy thrillers (HE WAS ONCE A SPY), regular crime capers (MAYBACH MAIDEN) and also written his own version of the Mahabharata. And with APPROPRITATE PUNISHMENT – Prakash conquers another milestone in the wide world of popular fiction. He has now tasted success with science fiction genre.
            The novel starts with the arrival of a being to T-Nagar Chennai at 3:00 am. Huxa it seems is an extraordinary being who has come from our future ( read as about 1550 years from our future). A human in form he has the power to control minds, and manipulate minds. It seems that he had used the same power to steal seventeen thousand billion standard international credits and has now reached the past. How Huxa goes on with his life forms the background of the novel. 
            Though the novel starts like the Terminator movie; there is nothing further Terminatorish in the novel. Its pure science fiction- 100 percent. And unlike in his other works, Dr. Prakash adopts a descriptive style rather than a narrative style to bring across this story. This is partly understandable; for the strange background has to be described in full to the reader- before going on with the narration. APPROPRIATE PUNISHMENT is a short book, easy to read …but I can’t call it Dr. Prakash’s best book…that honour still goes for TRIAL.


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