Awesome twosome

ISBN to be allotted

Status: Fourth Revision

Mock Up copy: Ready

Number of pages: 150

Print on Demand copy: Rs 400-


The quaint and peaceful metropolis of Chennai is suddenly shattered by a series of gory, savage, and brutal murders which leave the cops baffled and the citizens shocked! Diligent police investigations conclude that the killings were a handiwork of a mentally deranged serial killer, who is both insane and a genius. He seems to choose his victims entirely at random; a school-boy, a house wife, a destitute-beggar, or a religious leader. The methods of killing too vary from strangling, to rope, or poisoning. And then the police realize that the killer is leaving clues about himself and his next victim with each kill!
Sudha Menon is a young psychologist, who is requested by the cops to provide assistance to psychologically evaluate the killer’s mindset, and try and locate him before he strikes again, but the killer is indeed far too intelligent and keeps the cops and the psychologist on their toes as he takes them on a merry-go-round. And then Sudha finds out that it is not one, but a pair of killers in a joint operation. An Awesome Twosome indeed!
This tiny little novel is very cleverly written and is guaranteed to give you a great reading pleasure and thrill!

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