25 Stories George Bush won't understand

Dr L.Prakash

ISBN to be allotted, Status: Fourth Revision

Mock Up copy: Ready, Number of pages: 300

Print on Demand copy: Rs 500-


This book is not about American policies in gulf, or it’s bullying Iraq. Nor does it attempt to psychoanalyze George Bush. The title simply means that the reader has to possess a sufficient gray matter and intelligence quotient to comprehend the witty tales in the collection.

Those unfortunate people who share a double digit IQ with the likes of George Bush are likely to mistake this for a collection of articles on microeconomics, comparative anthropology, kinesiology or reflexive cyborobotics. They are suitably warned before they spend their hard-earned money on this collection.

For others, this is a fascinating collection of twenty-five wonderful short stories; which will certainly stretch the boundaries of your imagination!

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