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One of the best short story writers of this generation. His narration is simplistically lyrical; the wordplay beautiful, sequencing superb, and endings simply breathtaking.

Harris Armstrong Indian book review

Wow! An absolute page turner, with stories with a terminal twist to leave you gasping!

Mohan Srenivasnan Journalist



Dr L.Prakash’s Mahabharata is a piece of art, which blends the mythological narrative with story-flow of an adventure thriller. Bravo!

R.S. Krishnan Journalist

India’s most prolific Author

Outlook Magazine

Maybach Maiden is a terrific entertainer. One of the most compelling page turner that I have ever read.

Avinash Trivedi I.P.S.


It is a funny one for sure.. With subtle South Indian sensibilities.. this one is a total killer.. It moves fast.. highly entertaining piece. Tons of hardcore one-liners to put Tarantino to shame. Grab it we say

Reza Noorani FHM magazine


Simply superb. One of the best renderings of Mahabharata that I have read; and I have certainly read a few. I just completed the fourth volume and am beginning again from the first.

M. Gopalakrishnan, former Chairman Indian bank.

Tangled Web is one of the best murder mysteries to come out in many many Years. Nonsense rhymes, black humor and an extremely gripping and intelligent narrative.

Dr Sateesh Reddy  Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr L.Prakash is one of the most compelling and entertaining author that I have ever read.

Dr Mayilvahanan Natarajan Chief of Orthpaedics Madras medical College.

His science fiction stories bend the mind and travel faster than light… absolutely entertaining.

Joseph Holmes  Journalist

Glimpses of Vedic Wisdom is a terrific little book; a real eye opener, which every Indian Should Read.

Swami Ramakrishnan; Maharama Mutt.


Dr L.Prakash has created a revolution in popular fiction with his inimitable style and wonderful narrative. It almost appears that you are watching a movie.. Maybach Maiden is indeed a superb adventure thriller, and Swiss chocolates is a clever short story collection. A surefire recommendation for all those who love fiction

Shyamalee Kumar.. Critic


            Dr. Prakash, the author (who has worn many hats including that of an expert orthopedic surgeon, of that of an adventure sports enthusiast, and presently a guest of the governer of Tamil Nadu)- is India’s best known and prolific popular fiction novelist. With TRIAL, the author proves that he is not a simple thriller- chiller author, but an author extraordinaire…who can even rival the likes of Vikram Seth and Vikas Swarup in Indian literature.

Narayan Radhakrishnan

            This year I became an addict….an addict of two powerful drugs, which causes me unease, restlessness, sleeplessness and in general insomnia. The first drug is a foreign one, but available the world over. The second one is a more local one, presently just available in India….but mark my words will soon be available world over. I am speaking about two drugs which really ought to be banned- named James Patterson and L. Prakash.  James Patterson is the most prolific author of thrillers internationally, while Dr. Prakash’s has proved his mettle as the most prolific thriller author of India.

Narayan Radhakrishnan

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