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Chennai police arrests a Bombay boy for sending obscene email messages to a local girl. Deepak Biswas, the accused is one of the first high-profile clients of Altaff, a young lawyer and a Shishya of Mr. Ganesh.

Mr. T.S. Ganesh is an investigative journalist, who has fine tuned the art of deduction to perfection and ably assisted by his long nosed assistant S. Shivashankar, he helps Altaff to teach a High Court judge the pitfalls in the currently enacted cyber laws, and gets Deepak Biswas out on bail.

Deepak is able to stay out for less than a week, when the girl who had complained of cyber-stalking dies mysteriously, and Deepak is arrested for her murder. While Shankar chases a Harley Davidson bike, burns a lady’s tits and gets bitten by a monkey, and Altaff zeroes in on to a wrong killer, Mr. T.S. Ganesh, ably assisted by a cyber security wiz-kid Mridula Pingle, catches the real culprit. The editor has even kept an IQ test in the novel where the readers can identify the killer in a particular chapter and check their IQ.

This is a rip-roaring comedy that is also a clever detective story of modern times, written by India’s master story teller Dr L.Prakash.


Review of CYBER CRIME by Narayan Radhakrishnan

Title:                             Cyber Crime
Author:             L. Prakash
Publishers:                    Banana Publications, 2010
ISBN                           : 978-81-907320-3-1
Price                            : Rs. 249/-
Rating:                          : ***** (5 bolts)
            Are Indians hypocrites when it comes to revealing one’s taste of books? Whenever, one is asked a question about his or hers favorite author- the answer invariable revolves around Orhan Phamuk or Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Some less pretentious persons would swear by John Grisham and Stephen King. Why are our authors been given step motherly treatment by our own countrymen? These questions have often perturbed me, especially after reading Dr. Prakash’s novels. An author par excellence, his books are devoured in Chennai. However, he is little known outside Chennai. And it is this Indian psyche that “only foreigners write good thrillers” that stands in our way of appreciating quality fiction written by our own authors.
            Having read TRIAL, WITNESS and a couple of other novels by this doctor –turned- convict- turned author; I was eagerly looking forward to his new novel. And CYBER CRIME proved that the wait was worthwhile. Part of the Shankar- Ganesh series of thrillers, CYBER CRIME also marks the return of the young lawyer Altaff, whom we last met in WITNESS.     
            Deepak Biswas is accused of harassing a girl by sending obscene email messages. The law has come for her help and Deepak is accused of an IT Crime. It takes the legal mavericsim of Altaff to get the bail. But within days of release- the girl is mysteriously murdered and Deepak becomes the prime accused. And its upto Altaff and the Shivasankar- Ganesh duo to help Deepak and find out the real culprits.
            I was feeling a little despondent after reading Dr. Prakash’s APPROPRIATE PUNISHMENT. I am not saying that it is a bad book, but just that sci- fi is not my cup of tea. But with CYBER CRIME Prakash bounds back. With suspense laced with comedy, the novel is one hellova read. And Dr. Prakash also teases the reader- with a unique crime fiction reader’s IQ test. To say that I enjoyed this book would be an understatement. I devoured the book. The first book I finished reading in 2010. And boy-oh- boy aint it grand!!!!

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