Deceptive appearences

A Shankar - Ganesh mystrey

Dr L.Prakash

ISBN to be allotted

Status: Fourth Revision

Mock Up copy: Ready

Number of pages: 600

Print on Demand copy: Rs 700-

A strange case of multiple stabbings, in which a student lawyer Altaff is falsely implicated, draws the attention of detective extraordiniare Mr T.S.Ganesh, who despite the assistance of his long nosed assistant Shivashankar, proceeds ahead at full steam to expose the killers and their modus operendi.

Mr. Ganesh’s brain having been enriched by special diet consumed during infancy, gives him a high IQ, enabling him to solve the mysteries, which baffle both the local police and his long-nosed assistant Shiva Shankar. The obedient disciple not only frequently lands in trouble but also arrives at the wrong conclusions.

In addition, Shivashankar suffers from broken nose, sprainded back, twisted ankle, bashed head, pokes in the bum, and numerous other minor and major calamities in the process.

This is a hilarious adventure, which appears like Woodhouse grafted on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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