Dog Lover

A fascinating short story collection by

Dr L.Prakash


In Dog Lover, You will meet

Rajjo Devi, a child bride and a teenaged widow, who rises up to become the chief minister, of the state.

Hastimal, the oilman, accused by the C.B.I, of an International L.C. fraud.

An unnamed sethilaneese tribal from Nicobar Islands, with a man sized bow.

Sateesh, South India’s best D.T.P expert.

Karate Kadiravan, a disciple of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, who has a bone to pick, with Lord Krishna.

Aradhana, a budding fashion designer, who finds that falling in love with Altaf, is dangerous because of his religion.

Goodwill Kishore, a pimp and a flesh broker, who peddled a piece of arse for two million!

Murukku Mami, with magic fingers to produce wonderfully delicious and crunchy murukkus, also displays her razor sharp intellect

Sumithra Devi, a passionate dog lover

Dog Lover is a wonderful collection of thirteen stories, each with an unexpected ending!

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