Enigma of terror

Dr L.Prakash


ISBN to be allotted

Status: Fourth Revision

Mock Up copy: Ready

Number of pages: 800

Print on Demand copy: Rs 1000-

An extremely fast paced thriller, which zooms like a hand held rocket launcher from page one; where we find a professional assassin targeting a presidential convoy. The rocket blasts the wrong car, because of last minute changes in the travelling arrangements.

Pradeep Iyer, a Deputy Commissioner of police and chief of security of the presidential cavalcade, instructs the President to stay put and runs after the killer who escapes. The person behind the attacks is a paid killer and a professional assassin Shankar. Powerful people direct the actions of this special human being who is heartless, soulless and remorseless.

Fate brings Pradeep close to Neha Kapoor a television anchor. They are joined by an economist Prarthana Bhatnagar. And then the hired killer Shankar too becomes a part of their team!

The four of them uncover an awesome and enigmatic plot that involves a complex mix of stock market manipulations and the assassination of the President of the world largest democracy. This gigantic novel rips and zips at such a great speed that it leaves the reader biting his nails as he flips from one page to the other.

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