Krishna; a space adventure

ISBN to be allotted, Status: Fourth Revision

Mock Up copy: Ready, Number of pages: 300

Print on Demand copy: Rs 500-


Shanthi is a 60 year young Geetha Missionary on way to Electra Six to spread her gospel, when the spacecity she is traveling in, is abducted by Chlorinic terrorists, the vile chlorine breathing creatures. By an unfortunate sequence of events, Shanthi finds herself as the sole living creature on the immense space city that has been programmed on a crash course to hit planet Munna Sol causing incalculable death and destruction.

Her co passenger Gerald, in his dying moments, tells her of a secret weapon which she could use to save herself and her ship. This secret weapon is Krishna, a young man accused of the vilest crimes, and sentenced to slavery for eternity, now on the ship in a cylindrical capsule, frozen to absolute zero, and in a state of suspended animation. In resuscitating Krishna, will Shanthi unleash the unnamed terror and bite more than she can chew? Will the cure be worse than the disease? In this fantastic hard-core science fiction saga, Dr Prakash stretches your imagination to extreme limits.

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