Master of time


The five Pandavas and Draupadi roam in the dense jungles, having lost everything in a crooked gamble. Bhima and Arjuna spot a bright light atop a hillock and go to investigate. They meet a scientist Yaksha Samaya Swami, a prolific inventor and a genius. Amongst his numerous inventions is a ‘Samaya Yantra’ the machine capable of Time Travel.

The clever Yaksha with a hidden agenda tempts Bhima and Arjuna to try his machine, which takes them back in time by millions of years into the land of Dinosaurs, where immense lizards including Tyrannosaurus Rex rule the roost. Earthquakes, typhoons, floods, Tsunamis, volcanoes, strange creatures, and stranger events confront the two Pandavas, who face a nail-biting razor’s edge adventure roller coaster ride, which is guaranteed to dry your throat, quicken your pulse and leave your fingers chewed up to your nail-beds.

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