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Maybach Maiden

ISBN 978-81-906981-0-8

Pages 650

Price Rs 189/-

.. It is a funny one for sure. With subtle South Indian sensibilities...this one is a total killer... It moves fast..highly entertaining piece of fiction...Grab it, we say. Tons of one liners to put Tarantino to shame.

Reza Noorani--- FHM magazine.



by Narayan Radhakrishnan

Title:                             Maybach Maiden
Author:                             Dr L.Prakash
Publishers:                    Banana Publications, 2010
ISBN                          : 978-81-906981-1-5
Price                            : Rs. 189/-
Rating:                          : ***** (5 bolts)
            Remember the good ‘ol crime capers of the Sixties. Wham, bham- the good guys win, the bad guys lose- type of novels and movies that were a rage in the Forties and Fifties. Remember when Mickey Spillane and Dahsielle Hammett ruled the pulp fiction world. The good guys where honourable, straightforward with a sense of righteousness. Bad guys had guns and were rotten to the core.
            But good things seldom last forever, and since the Seventies techno-jargon-filled thrillers have taken the market. There are no more bad guys…all are technocrats, super-savvy and geeky villains hell-bent on ruling the world. A couple of weeks back I saw the hilarious and humorous thriller It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad World and it persuaded me to go read some good old fashioned crime thrillers; one which can be easily read without worrying about the exact date of when the world would come to an end.
            It is while I was in such a mood that Maybach Maiden reached me. Though it is not a cent-percent an old fashioned crime novel; the novel preserves in it sense of nostalgia of the yesteryear crime caper, albeit a sense of dignified nostalgia. And I was immersed into the book within pages of reading it. The novel starts with a billionaire presenting to his young, beautiful, lascivious and sexy daughter- Kiran, a Mercedes Maybach. This present catches the attention of the media and some bad guys. Soon the bad guys from different parts of the world are behind the same. The novel then follows the travails of our protagonists- Gopalakrishnan and Martin, two individuals who have set their sight and hand to the car and of course Kiran. How the game proceeds form the plot of this novel.
            Had Mickey Spillane or Dashielle Hammett been alive, these would have been the type of novels they would have written. Dr. Prakash the author gives homage to Hammett, Spillane and the living legends like John Le Carre with this novel. At close to 600 pages, this novel is a lengthy work; but quick and riveting pace keeps us glued to the pages.
            Dr. Prakash is India’s most prolific and popular pulp fiction novelist; and Maybach Maiden once again proves why Dr. Prakash is the numero- uno in India. 

Review by Reza Noorani FHM Magazine

Maybach Maiden

Who: Dr L.Prakash

What’s it all about? Remember a couple of years back there was this spoilt young brat, whose rich-ass father got her a whole frigging Mercedes Maybach on her 19th birth-day? Yup, that’s the girl in the book. A sultry big busted sex pot with lesbian tendencies. As an article on her appears in a popular magazine, it interests a lot of people, which include Mumbai mafia, Delhi mafia, a European mercenary, and a dashingly handsome guy from down south with a secret identity.
All these guys scramble over the kidnapping of the rich little sweet muffin and interesting plots and sub plots develop. Thrown in loads of sex, wild parties, funny little chipmunks and you have got yourself a perfect little treat for a lazy read on a fun week end.

What’s the buzz? It’s a funny one for sure. With subtle south Indian sensibilities; where the men like their women dark with curly jasmine scented hair, and the women in turn like their men with little puffs of whirlpool body hair; this one is a real killer. Fast enough to keep you engrossed. The characters are an interesting mix of people you’ve probably met in real life, if you have done a stint in prison and know your underworld well. Overall this is a highly entertaining piece of pulp fiction, worthy being proud of! Grab it we say!!


Review of Maybach Maiden
Recipe for a lazy Sunday
Sharmishtha R

Ingredients: A seven foot Pituitary giant, a three and a half feet Chipmunk, an ex professional assassin, an ex-spy, a millionaress heiress who receives a 6 crore Mercedes Maybach as a birthday gift, a few sexy babes in swim suits, Mumbai underworld, pistols, helicopters, speed boats, islands, forests, mambas, and AK47 assault rifles.
Garnishing: Speed, action, adventure, lots and lots of steamy sex, and half a liter of adrenaline.
Mode of cooking and serving: pick up a copy of Maybach Maiden, by Dr L.Prakash; (Banana Books Chennai, ISBN 978-81-906981-0-8, pages 600, Rs 189,) and curl up with the book on a Sunday morning. Start with the first page and I guarantee that you simply cannot put it down. Rare humor, more punch lines than a Rajnikant movie, twists, tortuous turns, double and triple crosses, and a kick in the belly climax.
Warning: don’t blame me if you go to bed late or are not able to sleep till the next morning, when you eventually finish the book.
Verdict: Not only one of the best adventure thrillers that I have read in my life, but also probably the best adventure-crime-action thriller ever written in English by an Indian Author.


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