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Prisoners of time

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Pages 1960

Once in many years comes an epic saga; a gigantic novel, that describes fascinating events in a captivating manner, leaving the reader breathless and wanting more. Dr L.Prakash’s magnum-opus Prisoners of Time is one such alluring novel, which is unbeatable for its sheer reading pleasure.
It is the story of Anand Iyer, an engineering student, electronics expert, a computer whizz, an industrialist, an IT czar, a sensualist and a not so good husband!
It is also the story of Meenakshi Das, a woman of dreams, a sensuous nymphet, a naughty mischievous flirt, a financial expert, a ruthless businesswoman, and a girl with balls.
It is the story of India between the sixties and two thousands, but not India as seen by outsiders. It is an intimate close-up view from various odd angles narrated fascinatingly by someone who has lived and experienced it all.
Funny in parts, where you will find it difficult to control your laughter; sad in others which will moisten your eyes and choke your heart, and sensuous and erotic enough to border on unpublishability!
Prisoners of Time is not only a fiction novel, but also a unique philosophy narrated through the life of the hero, which introduces you to a new subject of existancialism. The author strongly denies that parts of this story are autobiographical.

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Pages 1840

Krishnaveni is the Godsister in this unputdownable thrilling page-turner. A young girl from the shanty slums of Virudunagar in South India, Krishnaveni is a cute girl, with long black hair and large soulful eyes. Left to herself she would have been quite happy to be an average schoolgirl and then leading an average normal life led by millions like her in India, but fortunes and fates have entirely different plans for her.
Forced to commit a murder at the age of seven. Raped at fourteen and pushed into prostitution thereafter. A terrorist’s moll at seventeen, and a hardcore terrorist herself at eighteen. On return to Madras at the age of twenty, Krishnaveni embarks on a life of crime. From a bordello operative to owning wine shops. From organized usury to gambling syndicates. From gangs, extortions, real estate deals and construction. Krishnaveni’s fortunes travel through a tortuous path, which eventually makes her Akka; the Godsister!

India’s master storyteller Dr L.Prakash has narrated in his own inimitable way, a saga which would probably be the biggest novel published in English language!

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