A Photographic memory in six weeks

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A Photographic memory in six weeks


How often have you said to yourself, the following things?

1, I sure remember that face! But what is his name?
2, Shit! I forgot my shopping list again.
3, Oh my God! My mobile phone has a virus, and all the memory is wiped off! How am I going to manage without my address book?
4, Tough luck! I have lost my wallet with all my credit cards. Now I have to rush all the way home to locate my diary which has their numbers and also the phone numbers to call. Wish I had a list handy with me! I am worried that someone would misuse my card before I am able to inform about its theft!

If you read the book carefully and apply the methods taught here, then at the end of six weeks you would have developed your memory to such an extent that you can remember a list of twenty random objects listed by your friend or colleague, or make a list of twenty-five things in less than five minutes and then remember it front to back and back to front.
By looking at a long twenty-digit number for less than five minutes, you would be able to remember it precisely. You would also never forget a birthday, anniversary or any other important day of your near and dear, hereafter. You would never forget names and faces.

The tricks in the book teach you to remember all your credit card numbers, license numbers, passport number, social security number etc. By just naming the card, you would be able to automatically recite all the digits of that particular card!

The tricks described in this book were used by the author to write a two thousand page epic Mahabharatha from memory alone; without referring to any texts!!

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