Mind Benders


Mind benders is a fascinating collection of  nine unusual tortuous twisty tales, where Vedas meet Black holes and Hanuman has an encounter with distant future. These intense and adrenaline surging tales encompass such a range of thought and imagination that they will leave you astounded and spellbound. From the very distant pasts to the end of future, from our own backyard to planets many millions of light years away, from normal humans like you and me to more normal humans created by superior intelligences, from tree men, talking tubs, intelligent monkeys, mad scientists and out-world cats to desalination plants and flying lizards the size of horses, these unique characters are guaranteed to stretch your mind to extremes!!

India’s most prolific author

A master story teller! An emperor of suspense
Indian Book review

One of the most intense popcorn thrillers that I have read in recent times
N.P. Rajesh

Tons of hardcore one liners, which would put Tarantino to shame.
FHM magazine

Dr. L. Prakash- can best be described as the James Patterson of Indian popular fiction. If Chetan Bhagat can be described as India’s most read author in English; Prakash sure will score honors as the most read pulp fiction novelist in English from India.

Narayan Radhakrishnan

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