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Patriot is a fascinating adventure thriller. Patriot is the story of Indian independence.  Patriot is also an unashamed peek at the dark armpits of history!
It is correctly said that history is written by the winners; and all the history we read is colored by the spectacles that the historian wore when he wrote it.
Patriot is Indian history viewed through the glasses worn by the original Indian spies, who later went on to form Independent India’s first espionage network. It is the story of Mohanasunderam, a young lawyer, an army cadet, and finally a spy who blueprinted India’s first espionage network.
It is also the collection of unwritten stories and undocumented sagas, about the greats of India including Gandhi, Nehru, Mountbatten, Jinnah, Savarkar, Patel, and others.
In this painstakingly researched novel, India’s master story teller Dr L.Prakash has so skillfully blended fact and fiction, that you would never realize where one ends and the other begins. A certain page-turner and edge of the chair reading, which you will remember for a long long time, and recollect fondly whenever you read anything connected to Indian history.


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