Post office clerk

Dr L.Prakash

Post office Clerk

This is a fascinating collection of seven intriguing stories by master storyteller Dr. L. Prakash, in which you would be acquainted with:

A Romanian ship captain who is arrested on charges of rape and thrown into prison where he meets the author. He narrates an unusual tale about vampires in Romania.

An old man who rescues a voluptuous eighteen year old lass from her obnoxious fiancé.

An antique dealer, who fabricates historical objects but is blissfully unaware that his wife is conspiring to fabricate the paternity of his unborn son.

A thief who claims to be a simple safe breaker, while the cops charge him with dacority and robbery.

A busy industrialist, totally overworked, who decides to take a break.

A security consultant who is unable to get over his fear of his High School botany teacher.

A post office clerk, who is suddenly convinced that he is someone else from another probable parallel universe.

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