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Prisoners of time

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Pages 1960

Once in many years comes an epic saga; a gigantic novel, that describes fascinating events in a captivating manner, leaving the reader breathless and wanting more. Dr L.Prakash’s magnum-opus Prisoners of Time is one such alluring novel, which is unbeatable for its sheer reading pleasure.
It is the story of Anand Iyer, an engineering student, electronics expert, a computer whizz, an industrialist, an IT czar, a sensualist and a not so good husband!
It is also the story of Meenakshi Das, a woman of dreams, a sensuous nymphet, a naughty mischievous flirt, a financial expert, a ruthless businesswoman, and a girl with balls.
It is the story of India between the sixties and two thousands, but not India as seen by outsiders. It is an intimate close-up view from various odd angles narrated fascinatingly by someone who has lived and experienced it all.
Funny in parts, where you will find it difficult to control your laughter; sad in others which will moisten your eyes and choke your heart, and sensuous and erotic enough to border on unpublishability!
Prisoners of Time is not only a fiction novel, but also a unique philosophy narrated through the life of the hero, which introduces you to a new subject of existancialism. The author strongly denies that parts of this story are autobiographical.

Excerpts from somewhere in the middle of the book for your reading pleasure. Matter copyrighted. (C) Dr L.Prakash. For permission to copy for review, or other uses, please email the author at

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823. Mrs. Venkatachalam

When the trouble came, it came so suddenly and unexpectedly, that it took Anand unawares. It was one of those Sundays when Dr Saraswathi had told him that she had wanted to go to a Sunday Matinee with her sisters. She would thus not be accompanying him to the island.
Anand went alone to the island on most occasions, but when her had an interesting company, he would always take them along. On Thursday itself his wife had announced about her programme and thus Anand had the two days in between to choose appropriate company.
Initially he had thought of calling Michelle and asking her if she had any new fillies in the stable. But then on second thoughts he decided to go alone. He had just withdrawn the hand from the telephone after having decided not to call Michelle, when his extension rang and his secretary announced that some visitor had arrived.
His secretary told him that the visitor’s name was Mrs. Venkatachalam. And she had claimed to be an old friend. Anand had not known any Mrs. Venkatachalam and was a little curious as he invited her in.
And when he saw the visitor, his face broke out into a pleasant smile. This Mrs. Venkatachalam was none else but Malini Yes.
The financer Sreenivasan’s daughter had married a Dr Venkatachalam in USA. She had come to Chennai on an annual holiday. Her husband was supposed to join her in another two weeks. She proposed to stay in India for six weeks. And no! (Blush smile wink) she was not yet pregnant! Oh she had tried hard enough but still waiting for results. She was passing bye and just stopped to say hello.
She was slim but not as slim as she had been, when Anand had done the deflowering act. She had put on a little weight and her body had become just that little more contoured to make her frightfully attractive. Anand remembered their day time rendezvous in Peacock Hotel long ago and felt stirrings inside him.
But he was a little reluctant to make a pass at her. Now she was a married woman and it would decidedly not be fair for him to make a pass at her.
Just then his mobile rang. It was Meenakshi. After a few minutes idle chit chat, she asked
“And Anand what are you doing on Sunday?”

824. Two is a company, three is a?

“Oh Meenakshi! You seem to have on ESP or something. Actually if you had not called me, I would have called you and invited you to the island on Sunday! What do you say? Interested?” Asked Anand.
Meenkshi’s reply was instant and immediate. She said
“Try stopping me! DPT?”
DPT was the management slang for date plate-time. Date was obviously Sunday and Anand knew that he could not commit the faux passé of asking her to meet him half way through. Like a lady, she would expect to be picked from her doorstep and dropped back exactly there. So Anand gave the expected answer
“I will come to your house early. Say at about 5.30 Am on Sunday!”
He could hear Meenakshi’s of laughter as she replied
“This time I will get a full picnic hamper. All you need to get, would be an ice box and whatever booze that you want to drink.”
Anand chatted with her for the next few minutes and then disconnected. As he replaced the phone, saw Malini looking at him with a lot of curiosity
“Well Anand! What island is this that you are talking about picnicking in? And why is it, that I have not been invited?” She naughtily asked. Anand gave her a mischievous look and said
“Malini! The equation is now changed. You are a respectably married woman now. Thus, it is not decent of one to invite you to come alone with me!”
Malini’s laughter tinged reply surprised him a little.
“Well Mr. Anand Iyer! Were you not married, while you seduced me? The rule that applies to you apples to me as well. Now I am married and I will seduce you!”
They both laughed. Anand then found out that Malini stayed in T.Nagar itself. He told her that she would be picked up first and then they would go to Meenakshi’s house to pick her up. Malini asked who Meenakshi was, and Anand told her that she was a friend and a financial analyst.
“She is a swell girl and a lovely company. You will have a real good time with her!” Said Anand as he imagined Meenakshi and Malini entwined with each other with him refereeing. He had a sudden rush of excitement but was not to knew two things. This DVD image would not be fulfilled. And taking Malini was the third mistake.

826. Lost Keys

That was an eventful Sunday for Anand, and I would be failing as a narrator of this tale unless I tell you about that Sunday in a little greater detail. The danger was in the shadows looming like a pack of hungry hyenas waiting for a pounce. A lot a small indications telescoped into one another which should have give him some hints that his day was not going to be perfect.
But Anand was an eternal optimist and did not pay much attention to the small troubles. He had initially decided to take the Gypsy and he Might have avoided problems if he had taken the petrol vehicle himself. But the previous time he had taken the Gypsy he had forgotten to remove the jeep keys from his pocket and hang it on a stand in a wall. His gypsy keys thus lay in the bottom of the wash basket in the bathroom in his trouser pocket. And 5.30 in the morning, his wife was already in the toilet, as he said his good bye and started down. He spent a frustrating quarter of an hour trying to find out the Gypsy keys but was unsuccessful. As his wife walked down at 6.00 am Anand was still fumbling at the key rack agitatedly trying to locate the Gypsy keys.
“Anand! Why are you panicking? Is someone waiting for you?’ She asked. Anand smiled and said
“Nope I am going alone today. I am not able to find the dammed Gypsy keys!”
Saraswathi said “You would have kept it some where. Search it, you will get it!”
He searched but could not get it! He made a last minute decision to take the jeep and it was a flustered Anand who reached three quarters of an hour late to Malini’s house. He was a little surprised to see her father waiting with her outside the house. She had told her dad that she as going with Anand for a picnic. And her unsuspecting and broad minded father had given her a permission.
And the fact that Malini’s father knew about his daughter’s trip to the island was the fourth mistake. And from this stage the mistakes started mounting rapidly till it was an avalanche of errors that sank Anand fully.
The first trouble came, when they reached Meenakshi’s house. Malini felt a little upset at being asked to take a seat in the rear while Meenakshi sat adjacent to Anand in the front. And Meenakshi was annoyed that Anand was more than an hour late.

827. Hate at first sight

There is something called a love at first sight. And logically at its extreme opposite should come hate at first sight”. But it you could go a few more points beyond the instant hate, you might, just might, be able to get an idea about the repugnance and shudderful hatred that the two women suddenly felt for each other.
No one could explain why, but even Anand could feel the chill blast of hatred blowing across the seats while each tried to out do the other, by sarcastic and barbed comments. It could not be Meenakshi’s fault. On the two previous occasions when other women were involved, Meenakshi had got on really well. But then Malini was a nice girl herself and Anand could find no reason to fault her. Nevertheless Anand found himself totally helpless in the presence of such feelings of mutual hatred.
Meenakshi fired the first salvo
“Oh Anand! I never knew that you would be getting your girl friend along. If I am a crowd to your company or a hindrance to your privacy then you can drop me back. We can always make it next week. This time show the sights to her.”
Malini retaliated by speaking from the rear seat
“Mr. Anand! If I was your girl friend, I would be sitting in the front beside you and not like a passenger in the back seat. And if your real girl friend is jealous of my presence, then I will get down here and take an auto back. I can always come with you the next time!”.
They had almost crossed Parrys, on their way towards Royapuram. Anand could understand to some extent what was happening. The two girls were jealous of each other. But it never seemed to strike him that the two could be fighting over him.
To Anand, “make love and not war” would be the philosophy and to his simple mind, he could not think of any reason as to why the two ladies should be angry with each other.
A Mahindra jeep has good cushioned seats in the front. The rear has two seats at right angles to the front seat Malini had occupied the seat just behind Anand and was causally stroking his head and shoulders. Each time Meenakshi saw it, she shuddered and gave “if looks could kill” type of gazes.

828. Plastic surgery

Due to the delays, they could get to Anand’s cottage only by about 10.00 am And none of them was in a good mood. Anand was getting disappointed by the minute. Leave alone his fantasies about having a “ménage a trois”, it seemed unlikely that he would be able to score with either of the girl.
That is the difference between a whore and these family girl Anand told himself. If it had been a couple of girls from Michelle stable or even if it was one girl from Michelle, by now we would have got into the sea.
Anand knew well that booze was a lubricant that greased the most rattly of the machines and decided to start a vodka session despite the early hour, in hope to get tranquility and peace in the atmosphere, rather than the polar breezes, which Meenakshi and Malini were continuously blowing toward each other. This was the sixth error and alcohol instead of dousing the fire encouraged its flames. It lowered the guard and made both girls inhibition free. They started a “sarcastically indirect speaking” competition and Anand could not decide as to who was the winner.
“In the United States, ladies who get a sag in their boobs, go to a plastic surgeon to get an operation that stops them sagging and drooping!” said Malini while darting clear glances at Meenakshi’s ample bosom leaving no doubts about whom she had directed her comments too.
Meenakshi’s reply was equally caustic
“You must first have breasts to let them sag. I pity the poor girls who are flat as a carom board with couple of mosquito bites!” Malini’s pert and cute breasts were not as large as Meenakshi’s, but mosquito bites they were not. She looked to her own bosom and then looked at Anand who was suddenly uncomfortable not only because of the conversation but also because his bladder was full.
Her excused himself and went out to piss. They were in the island for almost four hours. Almost half a bottle of vodka had been consumed between them. They had not yet gone into the sea for a bath. After a quick visit to the beach, they had got back to the cottage. Sitting on old charpoy cots they were discussing sagging tits and plastic surgery. At this time Anand left the two girls alone and went to relieve his bladder.
Leaving the two girls together had been the seventh mistake or was it the eighth mistake? By now too many mistakes had added up and it was too late anyway!

829. Wanna bet?

The moment Anand was out of earshot, Malini, who was a little drunk, hissed slowly
“You think that by jigging your tits you can seduce Anand? Lets have a bet, that I screw him before you!”
Meenakshi was surprised by the direct attack but then she suddenly brightened. This was the type of challenge that always intrigued her. She looked at Malini as if she was a creature beneath answer. In a contemptuous way she shrugged her head and gave a mocking smile as she got up and walked away.
She had given a body language impression that she was far above such silly things and she was welcome to her Anand if Malini wanted. Anand excuse me for a minute please.
Daintily swaying her arse, Meenakshi walked to the rear of the cottage. She had to keep a dead-pan expression till she reached the rear of the house, and once sure that she could not be seen by Malini broke out into a smile which continued till she saw Anand coming back.
Meenakshi was a clever girl. She had accepted the challenge. But she did not wait for Anand to come back so that both the girls could try their charms on him so that one of them could successfully seduce him. She had decided to change the rules. Meenakshi always won. She was not used to loosing.
She grabbed Anand by his elbow, hugged him, kissed him on his lips and whispered urgently into his ears
“Come this side! I have something important to discuss with you!”
Anand did not suspect a thing as he walked with her into the casuarina groves. A little ahead they found a shaded area, where Meenakshi stopped and asked him so sit! The ground was soft sand and a collection of soft yellow drying leaves. Meenakshi looked up to Anand and brought her half open lips close to his.
Their lips and tongues met in an ecstatic and tumulus meeting and Anand tasted vodka, coke, mint, lipstick and the slight after taste of early morning coffee. He felt himself grow hard as she felt him before he did. She released him and bent her head down enveloping him in her wet warm smoothness, when Anand gave out a loud moan.
As her lips did her work, Meenakshi’s hands were busy with her shirt buttons and Anand’s hands with his. It was a skillful display of multitasking that they could both undress with a minimal disturbance to her fellatory activities.

830. Private and confidential

For the first ten minutes, Malini did not suspect anything. But when fifteen minutes passed without a sign of either Anand or Meenakshi, she was a little worried. And then she remembered. The bet. Meenakshi was really a clever bitch and had taken on the challenge. And she had started her activity even without telling her that she had accepted the challenge.
Curiosity got better of her and she walked slowly to the rear in search of the missing couple. The breeze was down wind and a sudden moan, which sounded like Anand’s voice, alerted her towards the direction, which eventually led her to the spot of action.
She found them in a clearing, with Anand lying with his legs spread eagled, his eyes bearing a glazed expression, looking into the skies. And between his legs was Meenakshi fellating him with a gay abandon. And neither of them had a stitch of clothing on their glistening bodies.
Anand’s chest full of hair, his anxious hands stroking her silky hair and moaning as his glazed eyes tried to identify the animal patterns that the white clouds were forming on the blue sky.
Meenakshi’s flawless skin. And tits, which were gravity, defying and decidedly not in need of any external support or plastic surgery, bobbing her head up and down over his glistening and slippery organ.
The two sights Malini took in a single glance. And the glance also included a peek at the blue skies, to see if she could identify the same animals as Anand. And then she turned abruptly and started walking slowly back towards Anand’s cottage.
There are some people who can watch others making love, enjoy it and be fascinated by it. And there are others to whom love making is a totally private and personal activity. Nailing belonged to the latter group and in her rule book it was simply not allowed to peep while others had sex.
The jeep sound was faint at first. At it is, a petrol engine Gypsy would make a much lesser noise than a tractor or diesel. jeep. And the down wind ensured that its sounds did not reach Anand and Meenakshi, impeding the progressing of their activities.
The white Gypsy stopped behind Anand’s jeep almost the same moment as Malini got to it. A round faced aristocratic lady jumped down and asked in a soft voice “Mrs. Malini Venkatachalam?” She nodded yes. Dr Saraswathi’s next question was “ And where is Anand?”

831. Sequence of maladies

Anand’s bad times and cumulative errors started with a flat battery. Dr Saraswathi’s Santro developed some electrical problems, which had drained her buttery. Thus after Anand’s departure, she found that she could not start the Santro. As she had taken the clothes out of the wash basket to put them into the washing machine, she had located the Gypsy keys. And so he decided to take the Gypsy to her parent’s house.
Koti was instructed to fetch the mechanic who would get the battery repaired. If Dr. Saraswathi’s Santro battery would not have conked, she would have taken the car to her parent’s house. At a latter stage she would have gone back to Kilpauk to exchange the vehicles and collect the Gypsy. If this had happened, then Dr. Saraswathi would have reached about half on hour later, when she would have found Anand and the two ladies respectably dressed sitting on plastic chairs and sipping vodka. Not an easy situation to get out from, but not impossible either.
But Anand’s fate was giving out a sinister smile while conspiring against him and thus Saraswathi got to her parents house in the Gypsy. At that time she was all anxious to spend the Sunday morning with her sisters and to go for movie in the afternoon. She had absolutely no idea about going to the island. It was 9.30 am when she reached her dad’s house.
Now the trick that fate played, comes into picture. It was 10.30pm in America while it was 9.30 am in Chennai. Malini’s husband called his father-in-low. It was an urgent call and the husband was desperately searching for his wife. He was not able to locate his passport and Malini would know where she had kept it. The old man had told him, that his daughter had gone on a picnic but he would try to contact her and ask her to call him back immediately.
Mr. Sreenivasan then started an urgent search in his address book to get all Anand’s phone numbers. The mobile was unreachable. There was no reply at his home and he was not in his office. And at the time, of his public issue Anand had given his emergency contact number as Dr Balagopal’s phone number.
Sreenivasan did not have great hopes about this number but dialed it nevertheless. No! Anand Iyer was not available but his wife was there. Would he like to speak to Dr Saraswathi?

832. Curiosity Killed the cat

At 10.45 Am when Saraswathi and her two sisters were busy with serious gossip, the phone rang. It was some Mr. Sreenivasan for Anand.
“Mr. Anand Iyer is out. I am his wife Dr Saraswathi. May I help you?” She said. Mr. Sreenivasan said
“That I know. Mr. Anand has gone to his beach house in his island. I want to contact him urgently!”
Initially Saraswathi was surprised that the caller knew about her husband’s plans. Then she realised that Anand himself must have told him. Dr Saraswathi knew that the island was too remote for GSM signals to reach she was intrigued as to why this Sreenivasan wanted her husband in a hurry. If Saraswathi had been a little less curious and told Sreenivasan that mobile signals were not reachable on the island and also that Anand would return back that evening, then the disaster could have been averted. Normally reserved and cautious, this would have been Dr Saraswathi’s usual response. But on that day, Saraswathi felt a little curious and asked
“And may I know why do you want to contact my husband so urgently?”
The answer truly shocked her. Mr. Sreenivasan was saying
“Oh! My daughter Malini has gone with him to a picnic on his island. He had come home in the morning to pick her up”
The word “my daughter” produced images of a six or seven year old girl in a pink frock, holding Anand’s hand at the beach. But Sreenivasan’s next sentence shattered all her illusions. He was saying
“My daughter is married and settled in U.S.A and is now in Chennai on a holiday. Her husband is expected to join us in another two weeks time. My son in law has misplaced his passport and in all likelihood Malini would know where he has kept it. So if you can contact Anand, please pass on a message to my daughter to call USA urgently”.
As Saraswathi disconnected the phone, her mind was boiling with rage. Anand has gone to the island with a girl or a woman rather. And this woman is such a hussy that with a husband in USA, she is running after other men and that too my husband.
And look at her father! A grade A pimp who sends his grown up daughter unchaperoned with my husband. This was indeed a complex problem and would need adequate thought before a correct solution could be found.

833. Planning

Another point that want against Anand on that day was the mood and atmosphere in Dr. Balagopals house that morning. In normal situations, if she heard news about her husband’s indiscretions she would try to keep it a secret, unless she could confirm or deny them. And she night not have discussed it with her younger sister.
However just before Sreenivasan had called, the three sisters were discussing a family scandal. One of their distant uncles had kept a new mistress as young as his youngest daughter. And to add insult to the injury, he had registered some valuable property in her name. It was becoming a family scandal and the topic had deviated from their uncle to men in general. And thus when Saraswathi came back from the phone call, she did not keep her secret. She blurted it out to her sisters who listened in stunned silence. And then the middle sister Srijayanthi remembered the kiss in Ambassador Pallava. The youngest one Vidyasri remembered Fisherman’s cove and the stuck boomerang.
Saraswathi remembered the big titted woman in her bed room and the slim girl with her saree above her waist. She then remembered his promises. Well – This could be a business colleague or acquaintance. She could be a grey haired fifty year old lady, with a sixty year old American husband.
How else would a father allow his daughter go with a young man unless he was so much younger than her? She was jumping too quickly to wrong conclusions. No she was decidedly over reacting. She had to pass the day as normally as she could. And when he came back in the evening, she could always ask about Mrs. -Malini.
After all is trust not one as the principal ingredients of a successfu8l marriage? Should she not trust her husband? It was true that he had done some mistakes. But he had sincerely repented and begged for forgiveness. And in all likelihood he had reformed and there was an innocuous explanation for Mrs. Malini. Thinking thus, Dr Saraswathi walked a few steps.
And if she had not walked a few steps ahead, Anand would clearly have escaped troubles. Saraswathi would not have gone to the island and Anand would have got. Sreenivasan’s call on his mobile when he came in range and would have known about his call to his wife and would have invented an excuse.

834. Caught?

But Saraswathi walked a few steps and saw the Gypsy. And then she nodded her head. She knew the route. She had the Gypsy. And it would not take her more than an hour to get to the bridge and another hour to get to their farm.
She could cancel the movie and take a drive. She could even take her sisters with her to the island and have a nice picnic Sunday. But then she hesitated. What if her diagnosis was incorrect? What if she found her husband in a compromising situation with that Malini? If she had a secret of shameful proportions it was better not to make a spectacle out of her secretes and embarrassment.
Not that she did not trust her husband. Not that she expected to find anything in the island. It would be a jolly drive and she would give Anand a pleasant surprise. Yes! that would be the correct thing. You have been rather neglecting your husband. It is better that you surprise him by your visit. And why should you be worried? You would only find things you expect to and want to find.
And so, you would find Anand sipping coffee with an old lady discussing a deal to develop the beach side property with some non resident dollars. At first she wanted to make some snacks and fill a couple of flasks with coffee and tea, but then decided to see how Anand roughed it out. Again fortune was against Anand because she did not delay her trip by half an hour.
And that is why Dr Saraswathi reached the island when she did. She drove effortlessly and the petrol gypsy covered the distance at lot faster than Anand’s slower diesel Mahindra. She did not bother to hide her sounds and floated majestically to park the gypsy behind the jeep.
She had worn a yellowish salwar kameez and had tied the dupatta around her waist. Somehow despite the powerful and gusty breeze, not one stand of hair was out of place nor one speck of dust settled on her hair. Her manner seemed to actually repel breeze and dust.
As she bounded down the jeep, she saw an extremely thin but decent looking girl walking towards her. She was dressed in a tight shirt and shorts but was looking prim and Victorian. And of course she was fully dressed.

836. Where is Anand?

The first expression that crossed Dr Saraswathi’s mind was relief. At least she had not seen a women in a state of partial undress in a compromising physically intimate position. She did not know that she would see all the intimacy in the next five minutes.
Looking at the girl she asked
“Are you Mrs. Malini Venkatachalam?”
This round faced lady had an authority in her voice and manner. In addition there was an immediate Brahmin bonding between Saraswathi and Malini. Brahmanism is a genetic–environmental-developmental trait that seeps into every pore of a being and one Brahmin can always recognize the other exactly as Malini and Saraswathi recognized each other.
Her next question was “And where is Anand?”
At this stage of our narration, many things could have happened. If Miss Malini had been a decent person, she should have replied that Anand has gone to the beach and would be back in ten minutes. And if Dr Saraswathi had decided to go to the beach in search of Anand, she would have gone in a different direction and Malini could have sneaked in and warned that his wife had come looking and he better wear his trousers.
A few things prevented Malini from taking this sensible course of action. The first was because she was a little put off by Anand’s attitude, as she felt that, he had paid more attention to Meenakshi than her. And she really hated that bitch. She had not only accepted the challenge but won by cheating. And calling her a carom board with mosquito bites. It would be a good idea to take the lady to the spectacle.
It would be an embarrassment for Anand no doubt but they were husband and wife and could somehow reach a compromise. But it would be fun to see that bitch Meenakshi caught with her knickers down.
She gestured towards the casuarina groves and lead Saraswathi to where she had seen Anand and Meenakshi earlier. It did not take them too long to noiselessly proceed to the edge of the clearing and by then Malini realized that Anand and Meenakshi had got a step further.

837. Anand is here!

We are too excited when we are happy And thus we know that we are happy and that’s all. We don’t savor each minute of it. We don’t relive it, because in the first place it passes away so quickly that our mind does not register the impression in sufficient details, to relive it, minute by minute, second by second, bit by small bit.
But no sir! Not for sorrows and embarrassments. Time here passes in a slow motion. In a freeze frame by frame display. We wait for time to move on rapidly so that embarrassment the moment of embarrassment passes quickly. But unfortunately it does not happen this way. The embarrassing moments get frozen and drag on very slowly, engraving a vivid detailed picture on our mental DVD, so that we rewind it again and again wallowing in self pity and humiliation at our own degradation. And that is exactly what happened to Meenakshi, Anand and Saraswathi on that fateful Sunday.
After Malini had discreetly left, the action had heated up and their naked sweat covered bodies indulged in a series of complicated exercises, which would even exceed imaginations. During one such acrobatic display, where Anand lay on the sand and Meenakshi above him, impaled on him, writing in ecstasy, the edge of the clearing moved a little. And fate succeeded in its clever machinations at last. A different wife would have behaved differently. Even Meenakshi had to tackle her ex-husband Shasankh’s infidelity once. In different circumstances Saraswathi would have behaved differently. May be, some what like what she had done, when she had caught Anand and Vimala together. And that had been, to simply walk away.
But the fact that the event had a witness turned the scales. As far as Saraswathi was concerned, another Brahmin girl viz Malini had seen the activities of her husband.
And now her hands were tied. She had absolutely no choices. She had to act and behave exactly a Brahmin wife of breeding and social standing should behave. And that is exactly what she did.

838. Victorian manners

In five slow and almost noiseless steps, Dr. Saraswathi came close to the copulating couple. Meenakshi being on top was oblivious of her approach. If she had her eyes open and had been looking at Anand’s face, she could have at least seen the change of his expression and got alerted to the fact that someone was watching them.
But at that moment, she was sitting on him, with his erection inside her writing her hips over her bent knees as she squeezed her breasts, closed her eyes and let out soft animal moans. Anand however had his eyes open and was savoring the sensations of pleasure on her face when he saw a movement in the background.
In a few brisk but noiseless steps the form came close and then Anand opened his mouth noiselessly. He was seeing the face on his wife!
It was the most startling and surprising scene that he could ever imagine. Actually he was expecting Malini to join them so that they could have a three some. But instead, was this night mare. He was about to pinch himself to check if he was having a nightmare when Saraswathi moved another step closer and Anand realized, that is was no dream or nightmare.
Only it was a facing reality more nightmarish than the scariest dreams. Two things told the lady on the top that all was not well. The first was that Anand suddenly lost his erection Meenakshi’s energetic gyrations had continued unabated and thus he had come out. And his sudden coming out had troubled her. She was trying to figure out the mystery behind Anand’s sudden loss of erection when another unexpected thing happened. It was a soft palm that tapped her shoulder a couple of times.
Meenakshi was justifiably startled. Abruptly turning around, she found herself face to face with Saraswathi. It took her a second to realize her own situation and then her whole body blushed, starting with her cheeks and breasts, and spreading to the rest of her body. And then she heard Saraswathi’s words. Her humiliation was complete.
In a cool and soft voice, Dr Saraswathi, wife of Anand Iyer said “Young lady! I would be obliged if you would stop riding my husband and release him for a few minutes I have some important things to discuss with him!”

839. Seriously speaking!

The intent and purport of the words and the manner in which they were spoken, left no room for any doubt that Saraswathi considered her to be too much beneath her, to be even talked to. And that was what had insulted Meenakshi. The attitude!
If Saraswathi had shouted, she would have shouted back. If she had made accusation, Meenakshi would have made counter-accusations. If Anand’s wife had chided her for having relations with her husband, she was prepared to give her reasons in her loud and clear stock exchange voice.
But No! Nothing like this happened at all. She did not even consider her an equal to fight and argue. In her prim Victorian and a haughty manner, Saraswathi had conveyed to Meenakshi, that she was not even a member of homo sapiens. She was a crawly slimy creature whom she wanted off her husband’s body.
Anand, who had every second of the event etched in detail in his mind had to relive his humiliation a million times. A startled Meenakshi, quickly got up and started on a mad scamper for her clothes that were strewn haphazardly in all directions.
Malini had her pound of flesh as she watched Meenakshi’s embaressed face while the latter hurriedly wore her clothes. Face! Because most of the time, it was only her face, that Malini startled. She had studied in the same school as Saraswathi. Good girls do not stare at other girls breasts. Malini was a good girl and thus she gloated on Meenakshi’s discomfort by staring at her reddening face as she hurriedly wore her dress.
And during all this drama, Anand lay on his back, his legs spread wide, his Shrunken manhood bent to one side, the pink condom wrinkly around him, with its nipple protruding defiantly due to a locked air bubble. The girls seemed to reach a conclusion that the husband and wife be left alone at their discomforts.
Once they were alone, Dr Saraswathi said
“And now would you please get dressed and come out with me? I have something to talk to you. And believe me Anand, it is pretty serious.”

840. Keys to the Jeep

Saraswathi waited patiently while he collected his fallen clothes and wore them. One of his most embarrassing moments, was when he had extract the shrunken condom off his shrunken organ and toss it into the bushes, before he got into his shorts. As he got close to her she proffered her hands and said“Keys to the jeep!”
Anand put his hand into his pocket and pulled out the key ring with the jeep keys and gave it to her, which she tucked into her purse. Anand was unsure as to what his wife’s intentions were. He glumly and silently walked beside her cursing the gods of fate who had landed him in such a deep mess.
Malini and Meenakshi had found themselves in a suddenly embarrassing situation and had decided that it was best if they moved away from the scene of action. Neither of them was prepared to face Anand’s haughty and prim wife alone. If she had been the screaming and the hysterical type they could have afforded to face her and see the spectacle. But her Arctic chills and expressionless face as she issued matter of fact commands, had made the girls feel humiliated and embarrassed.
Meenakshi was the worst affected, as she was so humiliated and embarrassed that she had tears of rage and frustration on her eyes. She was tempted to start a screaming match but was certain that Dr. Saraswathi would not shout or scream back. She was angry enough to get into a physical fight, Scratching her nails at Saraswathi’s face but then a greater embarrassment flooded her mind as she realized that she was now acting and thinking like a cheap and ill bred whore, that Saraswathi had accused her of being.
The two girls decided that the best option for them would be to leave Anand and Saraswathi alone to sort their differences while they went to the beach. Once the actual event was over, Malini was feeling a little guilty. It was true that Meenakshi had acted bitchy and annoying. It was even true that she had gone to an extent of calling her a carom board with mosquito bites.
But when she saw Meenakshi’s humiliation, she felt a sudden surge of sympathy. They watched a stern-faced Anand and Saraswathi walk towards the jeep. In a soft voice Malini said“I am sorry Meenakshi!”
Fortunately Meenakshi had not known that Malini was the one who had pointed out the place to Anand’s wife. She was a little surprised but happy nevertheless. She replied
“Oh! Malini! It was not your fault. It is my bad time I guess. Come let us go to the beach.”

841. Return Plan

Anand was too dazed to remember what he was doing. He had handed over his jeep keys and was walking like a zombie behind his wife. She crossed the jeep and looked into its back seat. She gave a satisfied nod at the tiffin boxes and icebox. So the girls had enough to eat. She walked to the gypsy in the rear and climbed into the passenger seat.
Anand had no option but to take the seat beside his wife. He looked at her with a tired, depressed embarrassed “what next now!” look, as she tossed out the gypsy keys to him and said“Come let us go!”
He looked towards the jeep. They were carrying the jeep keys. The two girls were no where to be seen. In all likelihood they would have gone to the beach.
What was Saraswathi doing? How could he leave Malini and Meenakshi alone? How would the girls come back? It would be a tall order for the two of them to walk back. And why were they leaving the jeep on the Island? How would he recover and retrieve it?
“Come! Drive straight to Shankar’s house.”Said Dr. Saraswathi in a soft tone less voice. Anand’s was too shocked to know what was happening.
He started the jeep and drove slowly towards Shankar’s house. They found Shankar cleaning his chicken coops and the farmer’s wife invited them and offered them a coffee. Anand was in an abruptly interrupted drinking session”, and the two vodkas were producing a mild sort of a headache, for which a tea would be decidedly welcome, but Dr. Saraswathi had already drawn her step by step plan of action.
Jumping out of the Gypsy, she walked to Shankar and gave him the jeep key. In the same tone less voice she said
“Shankar Sir! A couple of guests are at out site. I don’t know how long they want to spend here, but they are all ready and prepared for a picnic. I shall be obliged to you if you could drop them in town where ever they want and then drop the jeep at our Kilpauk house!”
Anand realized that Saraswathi was commanding a lot of respect from Shankar. During the time she had co-coordinated with Shankar about constructing of the cottage, he had come to realize that Saraswathi was the real boss. Anand watched, as she gave a folded five hundred rupee note to Shankar along with the jeep keys.
Saraswathi smiled to Mrs. Shankar and said“I am sorry we are in a hurry. I shall surely accept your invitation for a tea the next time I come here.”

842. Clean yourself up

She took her seat in the gypsy once again and said “Okay Anand! Drive straight to Egmore!”
He kept his resolve not to blabber too much. He remained silent and devoted all his attention to the tortuous and tricky sand track till they got to the main road. Once they had crossed Manali, Anand said softly“Sorry about all that has happened today but I can explain!”
If Saraswathi had exhibited any anger, it was only at this movement. A display of anger was unbecoming of a thoroughbred Brahmin girl. But if the situation was extremely provoking, she could glower with her angry eyes giving “if looks could kill” type of a gaze. And that is exactly what Saraswathi did at that particular time. it chilled Anand, who understood that she was in no mood to listen to his explanation. He tried once again
“Please Saraswathi. Don’t loose your temper. Let us go home and we can talk!”
Saraswathi looked at him and said softly“Anand! I want to be alone for some time. Please drop me at my parent’s house. And you need to take a bath before I talk to you!”
The last line really hocked him like a tenth round knock out punch in the kidney. Dr. Saraswathi considered her husband to be unclean from his wallowing in fifth and had decided that unless her husband physically cleaned and sanitized himself, he was not even fit to be talked to. I wonder if she wants me fumigated or treated by pest control agencies or even boil me, auto clave me, sterilize me or gamma irradiate me! She got dropped outside her parent’s house. Even at that time, Saraswathi the practical had only practical things to say to him. And so she said
“My Santro battery had conked. Koti would have got it repaired by now. When Shankar comes there with the jeep, please ask him to drop the Santro here. And the milk has to be kept in the fridge. Your night dinner is in the refrigerator. I will call you.”
She turned around and glided towards her dad’s house. She took a few steps, turned around to look at him once more and said“Anand scrub yourself well when you take that bath or shower!”
Turning around she walked majestically back to her father’s house. It was indeed strange that at that moment the thought that stuck him was the ludicrous thought that his wife was walking so gracefully that her buttocks hardly moved. This was so totally dissimilar to Meenakshi’s buttocks way as she walked.

843. Brahmin Types

A human being is a strange character with totally unpredictable nature. The two girls who were arch enemies not too long ago, suddenly became bonded by time. They became friendly as Meenakshi’s sudden humiliation and embarrassment had evoked gushes of sympathy from Malini, which had washed away all the bitterness between them.
Meenakshi was not basically a bad girl. She was a gem at heart. And she too realized that she had no reason to be jealous of Malini. And that too about a married man like Anand. Thus by the time the two of them got to the beach, a bohemie of sorts had developed between them. The sea breeze brought in the roars of the Bay of Bengal, and the down wind hid the soft noise of the gypsy’s departure.
The two girls had thought that it would take a short time for the husband and wife to iron out their differences. And then they could join the couple and make the best of the disaster. They decided that about half an hour was enough for the warring couple to negotiate peace and thus it was after this interval that they left the waters and slowly walked towards the cottage.
Both of them gave a look of surprise, as they saw the missing Gypsy. Anand had just then employed a watchman and his wife for his cottage. Swami was a fifty year old villager who had become so riddled with alcoholic tremors that he was no longer fit to go into the sea for fishing. His middle aged wife was also employed, in part to look after his property and in part to look after her husband. But as it is, it was a comfortable arrangement, because they could not get any one else to stay in the middle of no where.
As Malini and Meenakshi got to the cottage and discovered the missing Gypsy, they were surprised but not really worried. Meenakshi said“Oh! That Victorian horror of his wife, would have taken him some where private to give him a tongue lashing!”
Malini was a little thoughtful and said“If they had wanted privacy they could have walked away to a grove or somewhere. Why drive away in a jeep?”“Well well! You don’t know about these Brahmin type prim and proper ice maidens. She would never want to be at a place where we could accidentally walk to or over-hear them!”
Malini nodded a smile but desisted from adding that she too belonged to one of those Brahmin types who Meenakshi had mentioned.

844. Deliberations?

On reaching Kilpauk house, Anand found that the Santro had just been repaired and a new battery had been changed. He did not want to delay sending Saraswathi a transport. If she came home, he was sure that everything would be all right. Thus he decided not to wait for Shankar to land back with the jeep. He gave a hundred rupee note and Dr. Balagopal’s address to the mechanic to drop the vehicle in Egmore.
When he got into his house, he was feeling run down and tired. He walked with laden legs towards the toilet to have his bath or shower or whatever, and involuntarily screwed his eyes as an attack of headache hit him. He then realized that it was a hang over! His abrupt interruption had left him with erratic blood alcohol levels, which was causing him a serious headache. He decided postpone his bath and have a drink or two.
The drink or two stretched into three or four or even more, as the day wore off. The second drink itself took away his headache and hang over. By the time he was half way through the third drink it was already 4.00 pm.
There was no sign of either Shankar or his jeep. Nor had he got a phone call from his wife. Anand was getting irritated, worried and depressed. As he continued to drink, his thoughts started flowing in a curiously perverted way.
He did not spend too much time thinking about why she came to island. There could have been dozens of reasons for her arrival to the Island. But what worried him increasingly was the reasons for his wife’s strange behavior. He got into a serious and deep thought. Why did Saraswathi do what she did? There could be only two ways in which she could have reacted. She could have either forgiven him or left him for good. And in neither case her actions made sense. If she had decided to leave him for good, she should have seen what she had to see and gone home. At least she could have spared him and Meenakshi of all the humiliation.
And in case she had decided to forgive him, she should have at least called him or even come back to Kilpauk by then. Had he not sent the Santro over three hours ago? What is happening? What was going on in his wife’s mind? Why was she letting him stew in suspense? What would she decide?
It was unfortunate that Anand was so selfish that he was only thinking about his own happiness and sorrows. About his own pleasures and pains. Everyone else in the drama was only an accessory. A prop, an accompaniment! Be it Meenakshi, Malini or Dr. Saraswathi!

845. Chalega

The two girls spent about an hour before becoming anxious. Malini was the first to get worried. She said
”It is getting too long. What is happening? Where have they gone?”
Meenakshi who was still bitter with the whole situation said“I hope that the bitch does not go away with Anand leaving us here!”
Malini almost automatically and reflexively came to her Brahmin sister’s rescue and said“Oh No! She would not do that. She comes from a good family”
The good family mentioned by Malini in reality meant an upbringing in a Brahmin house hold. What she had meant was that proper Brahmin girls like Dr. Saraswathi would not do such outrageous things like abandoning guests on an island. It was simply not done! A no Go!Just then a villager with a large moustache came walking towards the cottage. To Malini, he was stranger. But to Meenakshi, he was not. She immediately recognized Shankar the village chief. He came to them and greeted them. Meenakshi and Shankar spoke like old friends and then the village chief told them that he had come with the jeep keys and had been instructed to drop them in Chennai and drop the jeep in Kilpauk house.
This news produced exactly opposing reactions from the two ladies. As far as Malini was concerned, it was a perfectly logical and a normal happening. Dr. Saraswathi had behaved admirably. And as a guilty husband Anand had no other option but to meekly follow her. And Saraswathi had done the correct thing by ensuring that they were transported back safely. In addition it had been a rather decent Sunday.
As it is, when she had accompanied Anand to the Island, she had been undecided as to whether or not she would have sex with him. It was a fact that she had been faithful to her husband and her only premarital and extra marital liaison had been with Anand. And she had rather liked her encounter with Anand and would not have minded an encore.
But now that the situations and fate had snatched the opportunity away from her, she had become equanimous about the whole thing. And her initial irritation for Meenakshi had totally turned her off. Nevertheless situations had calmed down. The husband and wife were back to town together. And a transport was waiting to take them back to Chennai. So far as she was concerned, everything was cool and Chalega.


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