Pound of flesh

Dr L.Prakash

Kalaiselvi, is a sixteen year old schoolgirl from a fishing hamlet near Chennai, who accompanies her boyfriend to a movie, drinks doped cola, and looses consciousness. She wakes up in Dharavi, Mumbai’s notorious Shanty slum, sold into flesh trade by her diabolical beau.

Kashyap is a leading Mumbai underworld Don, so powerful that even cops approached him for favors. Padmini is a former Miss India, Miss World and a current Bollywood heartthrob, who is also an amateur poetess on the side.

Mohit Behal is a chess grandmaster by day, and a top professional assassin by night. His strategies in planning his operations are probably more complex than the moves that fetched him a world ranking number three in chess.

Fortune and providence brings the four of them together in this nail biting adventure, by master story teller Dr. L. Prakash, who takes you through an intense, convoluted, tortuous and exciting roller-coaster ride of pure thrill, that will simply not allow you to put the book down, until you have reached the last page.

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