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Dr L.Prakash is correctly called India’s most prolific author. He has written (actually penned on physical paper!) close to twenty million words in the past eight years of his prison incarceration.
A publisher can only publish a limited number of books a year, and hence a number of books featured in these pages, are due to be released in a staggered manner over many years to come.
However Dr L.Prakash has started having a wide fan base, including a few diehard enthusiasts, who simply cannot wait until the books are physically published. Banana Books is proud to present a special offer to these fans. You can have a printed copy of the book that fancies you, way ahead of its scheduled publication. These print on demand copies are priced a little higher, (Rs 500 for books below 500 pages, and Rs 750 for those above), but are available as exclusive copies,  autographed by the author. The exact cost of each book is given in the page that gives a description of the book.

Please send an email to [email protected] to get further details and place your order.

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