Prison Diaries and Police stories


Behind the bars - Stories from the prison

This Discussion between the author and editor gives you a precise idea about the contents of this book, which in its tamil translation has sold in excess of a hundred and fifty thousand copies!!

- Hey doctor Prakash!
- Yes
- You can never write short stories.
- What do you mean? I have written over two hundred and thirty short stories.
- No! I did not mean that. Look at your previous writing: - The novel “God Sister”
- Yes! What is wrong with God sister? It is a lovely story Flesh trade, Mumbai underworld, Guns. Gangs, molls, courtroom drama! ‘God sister’ is indeed a lovely story.
- But it is two thousand pages long!
- So what?
- That is what I want to tell you. You simply don’t seem to be capable of telling a short story. Even your short stories go on for pages and pages.
- But to tell a story, you have to tell it properly. And unless I describe the events and surroundings in detail, how will my readers understand and enjoy it?
- Oh Doctor Prakash! You simply underestimate your reader’s intelligence. You must appreciate the value of unsaid. You must allow your reader to connect up disjointed paragraphs by imagining the intervening scene!
- You mean tight, short, eight thousand word, stories?
- Doctor Prakash! Just because you write six hundred thousand word novels, doesn’t mean that your short stories should be as big as novels. I mean short stories.
- You mean decent reasonably sized five thousand word short stories?
- No! Still shorter.
- Short like those published in glossies and periodicals, of say… three thousand words each? Or may be two thousand five hundred?
- Doctor Prakash! You are the limit. Let me try to explain it to you in another way. What is your next project?
- I plan to do a collection of prison stories. I have written a lot of prison stories, but they are in different collections. This time, I plan to do about twelve stories, five to eight thousand words each.
- I told you so! You lack laconicity. You lack brevity. You simply can not write short stories!
- Is that a challenge?
- If you take it as one!
- Okkay, I will do it. A hundred and ten stories! Each shorter than seven hundred words. Uniform theme on prison, police, crime, law and injustice. Each a true story, but each told with a dramatic climax. Yes, I will do it on one condition!
- What?
- The last story will be my own! And this one would not have a word limit.
- So long as you don’t make it longer than two thousand and five hundred words.
- Okay done!
P.S. Clever readers can see through how I have cheated! Happy reading.


Cops Capers - True Police stories

The crisp uniform and the brisk demeanor of the police force produces awe, admiration and respect in us all. Cops are an integral part of our society, and we owe it to their sincere and dedicated work, that law, order, and justice are maintained around us.
Nevertheless, a cop’s life is not easy. Not all cops are honest and dedicated either! During the last seven years of his prison incarceration, Dr L.Prakash- India’s master story teller- has met and interacted with numerous cops and has listened to their interesting stories in great detail.
All stories in this collection are true and have been narrated by someone who has been a character in that drama. However to protect both the guilty and innocent, the author has changed the names of people, places and things. This fascinating intense page turner will leave a bitter sweet taste in your mouth as the stories stay with you a long time after you have finished reading the last page.

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