Puppet Master

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Status: Fourth Revision

Mock Up copy: Ready

Number of pages: 600

Print on Demand copy: Rs 750-

Puppet Master

Nakula is an old man, an ex spy haunted by fearsome ghosts of the past. Quite frequently, he wakes up in the middle of the night from terrifying nightmares, breathless, gasping for air, and rushes straight to the beach, for only the wide openness of the sands and the unending expance of the lashing seas and fresh salty breeze can settle him.
Once when he reaches the seashore at 2.00 a.m., he finds a rape in progress, ends up disabling three youth, and protecting a young sisteen year old victim, whom he takes to his house; for she has nowhere else to spend the night. The next morning he finds out that the girl is Malvika Khanna, the daughter of a scientist. He drops her home, but finds that her parents have been brutally killed in a terrorist attack the previous night. He tells the cops that he is the girl’s friend’s father and agrees to look after her until things settle. But that turns out to be a terrible mistake indeed.
The girl disappears, the cops suspect him of involvement in the case, and Nakula finds himself in a complex bind. Nevertheless, Nakula has been a master spy and spy master, who ran the country’s espionage network in the past, before he ran away from it all! The brilliant old man starts his own investigations and soon proves that he is a Puppet Master indeed, for he is not only able to run circles around the local cops and the Delhi spies who join the circus, but is also able to reach the end of the tortuous ball of string, that leads him to startling discoveries, and unmasking of a mole in the Indian espionage services.

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