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Written by poet Valmeeki about six thousand years ago, Ramayana; the story of Rama is considered by many to be the world’s greatest epic. The original Ramayana is beautifully written in Sanskrit and is in seven sections (volumes) or Kaandas. Over the years innumerable translations and re-renderings of this epic have been published the world over.

After the unprecedented success of his Mahabharatha,  India’s most prolific author, Dr. L. Prakash has rendered the immortal classic of Ramayana in his characteristic and inimitable style. His Ramayana in eight Kandas or sections (one more than Valmeeki’s original) is accompanied by a thousand water color paintings, illustrating the story.

Dr L.Prakash’s Ramayana is a unique endeavor, which attempts to take away religion and mythology from this wonderful epic, converting it into a fascinating adventure thriller, which will keep you glued until you reach the last page.

In Adikanda, the first volume, he narrates the beginnings and genesis of Ramavatara, with the complex politics among mighty gods and the sequence of events that led to perpetrator God Mahavishnu to be born as a mortal Sree Rama.

Herewith, we give you the first first volume for your online reading pleasure.



Let us start with the first volume of this wonderful story


Ramayana water colors; pictures alone, without the accomponying novel


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