Russian whore and other stories

Dr L.Prakash

Russian Whore

Tanya is a Russian whore on a working holiday to India, where she is nabbed by the vice squad in Chennai…

Naim is surprised by the unexpected return of the housewife rudely interrupting his burglary…..

Vasu is the yes man, chamcha and thirteenth finger to leading Kollywood movie mogul KSR, while Jharna is the leading lady of his latest movie…….

Shivaraj has been a police constable on liquid diet for the last nine years. Brandy for breakfast, arrak for lunch and whiskey for dinner……..

Dr. N.R. Chandran is caring doctor, practicing in a remote village………

Mohan Kumar intends to divorce his wife of six years Nindhra, but she has other ideas………….

Dr. Shivaji Madhav Rao Pingle wanted to kill his wife Neha Kapoor, but……..

The unnamed hero, finds a chess board in the prison cell, in which the chessman play on their own. However…….

You will find answers to these and other perplexing puzzles, in this fascinating collection of thirteen unusual stories by the master story teller Dr. L. Prakash

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