How T.K.Sampath fell in love, sought expert help, and found his wife and life!

Dr L.Prakash

T.K. Sampath BA, is the only son of a rich industrialist from a village in deep south, now on a holiday to Chennai. He falls in love with Miss. Sapna Khanna, a pretty executive in a bank, but Sampath is tongue tied in her presence, unable to express his feelings.

He seeks help of Somu Mama, his landlord, a tautologist and a poet, who in turn ropes in Expert Ekambaram, a solver of problems, but a hater of potatoes. When the problem seems to be a little too complex, additional help is sought from Samson, with gold teeth, and Rahul, a nine year old, with a large brain fortified by Parle-G biscuits.

T.K. Sampath B.A., suddenly finds that too many cooks have a tendency to spoil the drumstick sambhar. Assuredly not copied from P.G. Woodhouse, you will meet pseudo villains, gorilla catchers, vintage experts, potato haters, tautologists, poets, sticky plasters and snake gourds.

But be warned! To understand the story and appreciate the humor, you need to possess an I.Q. of at least a hundred and twenty or more. And of course, you will also get an opportunity of solving the M.F. Hussain code.

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