Seeing is not believing

The first Shankar - Ganesh Mystrey

Dr L.Prakash

Seeing is not believing

This is the first Shankar Ganesh mystery. Here we meet Shivashankar, a recently graduated young man with a long nose, who joins as an assistant to Mr. T.S. Ganesh, investigative journalist and detective extraordinaire, an expert on the art of logical deduction.
Mrs. Kamala Mohan is a distraught widow, who consults Mr. Ganesh, because her son Raghav is a tragic victim of a hit and run accident, his body chuttnied beyond recognition on the highway. As the cops don’t seem to be taking any interest in finding out the culprit, she requests Mr. Ganesh to try and locate the vehicle and driver that has killed her son.
Mr. Ganesh’s investigations lead him through a tortuous maze of drug addict teenaged girls, wheelchair bound eccentrics, smart female cops, and vile villains. Shivashankar who assists the investigations, lands into trouble on more than one occasion, and finally realizes that Seeing is indeed not believing!

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