Seventh Horror

Dr L.Prakash

Seventh Horror

Dr. Prakash creates a new genre in fusion fiction, by combining Comedy with Horror. Pizza with mango chuttney!

Sixty – five year old psychiatrist Prof. T.L. Subramaniam is a professor of behavioral psychology; Sudha and Mahesh are his acolytes, disciples and doctoral students. The two juniors are involved in a constant game of one-upmanship. The professor keeps himself busy with eccentric experiments like making a loving couple quarrel outside a movie theatre, or making a brown hamster mate with a grey one.

But Professor Subramaniam is a man with a past. His wife was killed by serial-killer and as a revenge, he developed the technique of thinking like a killer, entering his mind and predicting his next step. Having caught the serial killer, it was only natural that the police approached him whenever such situations arose, and soon he was the nation’s expert on serial-killers.

This fast paced story, traces action from Chennai to California, Bangalore to Bombay, and Delhi to Mahabalipuram, as the professor and his two disciples, race to save a pretty young girl of eighteen, who was chosen to become the seventh victim of the breast-mutilating, serial-killer!

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