Souvenir killings

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Status: Fourth Revision

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Number of pages: 450

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A souvenir killer strikes the city of Chennai, targeting at girls who work at nights. Call center operatives, night nurses, hostesses, and others who finish work late. The killing methods and venues differ, but the killer not only carries away souvenirs like ear-rings and panties, but also cuts a circle around the head, and scalps the victims, leaving them with polished skulls.

The cops are clueless despite intense efforts, and before the killings could stop, they cease abruptly. A few months later killings with the same modus operendi begin in Bangalore, the neighboring state capital. Karan is a school teacher arrested for the serial killings, and his girlfriend approaches detective extraordinaire Mr. T.S. Ganesh, who with the able assistance of his two young assistants Altaff And Shivashankar, solves the case and proves the schoolmaster’s innocence.

High on comedy, thrill, and extremely quick and breathtaking change of paces, the unexpected climax would blow your mind away! This is the sixth novel in the incomparable Shankar Ganesh series!

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