Sounds of Silence

ISBN to be allotted

Status: Fourth Revision

Mock Up copy: Ready

Number of pages: 650

Print on Demand copy: Rs 800-



Many events happen in many parts of Madras city, now known as Chennai! A thirteen year old school girl is exchanging sextext messages with a 45 year old widower, who is convincing her to strip before a web camera. Nayantara; a call center operator, disgusted with her job, and sick of her ungodly working hours, decides to quit her job and start a detective agency. Or at least create a web page for her detective agency. A killer has just murdered a rapist, castrated him and is bottling the penis and scrotum. An Assistant Commissioner of police, just arrived from the police training academy, is posted as a probationary officer in the city. A smart lawyer finds himself in a difficult bind over a complex problem. And a young smart pimp and small time dope peddler finds that he has taken too large a bite.

All the above characters suddenly converge together into an intense drama involving blackmail, murder, and mutilation. This is a novel that exceeds Concorde speeds and leaves you breathless after a spellbinding climax, which ends with the author’s quiz about when the reader became aware of the true identity of the sex-mutilation serial killer!

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