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Title:                            Tangled Web
Author:                         L. Prakash
Publishers:                    Banana Publications, 2010
ISBN                           : 978-81-906981-1-5
Price                            : Rs. 169/-
Rating:                          : ***** (5 bolts)
            If there is one single word to describe TANGLED WEB…its chooduspeedu.
            L. Prakash is a person who has worn numerous hats. He was a reputed orthopedic surgeon, a keen adventure sports enthusiast, entrepreneur and is presently a guest of His Excellency, the Governor of Tamil Nadu at the state prison. The doctor has put to good use his time in prison to churn after book after book…most of them belonging to the thriller and mystery genre. A biography of the doctor’s life would make tantalizing reading, and it’s more exciting with twists and turns than the thriller novels he has written.
            Being an aficionado of popular thriller and mystery novels, and a staunch devotee of James Patterson; I found it surprising that not many an author from India had taken to this genre of thriller writing. Though Indian Writing in English is well known and promoted greatly; mystery and thriller writing still receives a step-motherly treatment among Indian publishers. Whenever one speaks about Indian Writing in English- its always Salman Rushdie or Vikram Seth that comes to one’s mind.  I was looking for our counterpart to James Patterson; one who would not only match him in terms of prolificacy but also in terms of writing quality spine chilling thriller stuff.
            And Dr. Prakash is the welcome answer. Over the last 7 year period; Prakash has churned out novel after novel having tasted success with legal thrillers, science fiction, horror, adventure novels, crime capers and what not.  Having read THE ABSENT MINDED LAWYER- a couple of weeks back; I was hooked and eagerly awaiting to read the doctor’s next novel. And Tangled Web is one helluva thriller that’s racy, page turning and in short…..chooduspeedu.
            It all starts with a young Punjabi, Vinod Kapoor, arriving in Chennai. He has some time free and decides to have some fun…fun being booze and gals. He gets involved with an upcoming starlet Neelambari (aka Rosie). But he has too much to drink, and before he can have the fun he desired- Vinod hits the sack. Sometime later when Vinod wakes up, he sees Neelambari murdered. Vinod has no idea of what happened, he vaguely has some recollections of a nightmare and nothing more. What follows is a sensational tale of suspense with the author keeping the reader glued to the pages till the end.

To say that I enjoyed the book would be an understatement. I devoured the book. This is one book worthy of a Hitchcockian movie. A grand thriller……really chooduspeedu, ……hot and fast!!!!!!!

Review by Narayan Radhakrishnan


Tangled Web
Reviewed by Sharmishtha R


I am a great fan of James Hadley Chase and consider him one of the greatest authors in English crime fiction. I have read all his books may times and mention the title, and the plot automatically springs to my mind. I remember reading one of his exceptional books “Tiger by the tail” during my college days, where in a happily married man visits a prostitute when his wife is away visiting relatives; and ends up with a murdered whore, blood all over his hands, without the faintest idea about how it all happened.
I have just completed reading Dr L.Prakash’s Tangled Web, and for the first hundred pages the story was so similar to “The tiger by the tail”,  that I thought that Prakash had ripped off Chase. But then came the first twist that almost dragged the chair underneath me and made me fall flat on my face. And from there the novel rose from strength to strength reaching such an unexpected climax, that I was left with a great admiration for the author. I am certain that no Indian Mastery author has written such an entertaining murder mystery in the last decade.
The author has a unique narrative style, and the nonsense rhymes and stupid poems sprinkled throughout the book add salt and pepper to this even otherwise delicious dish. I am looking forward to read Dr L.Prakash’s Maybach Maiden, which promises to be equally entertaining and interesting.

Book title: Tangled Web
ISBN: 978-81-906981-1-5, pages 400, cost Rs 179
Publisher: Banana Books Chennai
Rating: Excellent


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