A very short story by Dr L.Prakash


The Potential rapist


She found him sitting on the window seat. She took her seat diagonally opposite, as far away from him as she could. Just as “Love at first sight”, there is also something called “Hate at first sight”; and this is precisely what Selvi felt for the man with a rough face and leery looks who gave her a look as if he was mentally stripping her garment by garment.
It was unfortunate that this late in the night, circumstances had forced Selvi to take a train, and she had chosen this very seat, opposite to the obnoxious man, who was looking at her with such undisguised lust that it sent a shudder through her body. A cold and hollow felling uncoiled in her stomach. Shit! It appeared as if he wanted to rape her, right there.
No! He wouldn’t dare to do that. The compartment is not totally empty. There would at least be a dozen people. If he makes a move, she would certainly scream for help and others would come for assistance! May be, it was better if she got up and moved away to the end of the compartment. Most seats were empty anyway.
Hell no! Why should I do that? I am no coward. I am all of nineteen years. I am an emancipated young woman of the current generation. No way would I allow leery drunk, obnoxious, men to scare me. And Yes! He was certainly drunk. The train slowed down at the next station and he almost stood up swaying and staggering; unsteady on his feet. Drunk, Sadistic, Cruel, Obnoxious Creature. Men like you should be castrated.
He then shook something which expanded to a white cane with a red tip. The train stopped and the blind man slowly shuffled to the corridor towards the compartment door.

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