World without Men

Six powerful women, two politicians, a scientist, an avant-grade film maker, a lawyer and a feminist author, discuss the possibility of a world without men. Their search for a manless society, leads, them to a salubrious farmhouse of Professor Neelakanthan Shastry, a famed professor of ancient languages, an anthropologist and an archeologist.

Based on a map, retrieved from ancient palm leaves, he has located a book, printed on metal foil like sheets, written in an alien language. As the professor’s story unfolds, the six feminists try to correlate their own lives and experiences, with what had happened to a different civilization, a long long time ago.

The extremely fast paced story ends in such a twisty and spectacular climax, that it simply takes your breath away, on account of its audacity and unexpectedness. This Roman-a-clef has a lot of explicit sex, and is unsuitable for readers below sixteen years of age!

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